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In some cases, a new radiator isn’t the best option. Pukekohe Radiators offer a range of repair and recore services. The Pukekohe Batteries and Radiators, team have over a decade of experience in providing an unmatched radiator service. Our diverse skills and service see us as experts in industry, agriculture, cars, bikes, and trucks; Even the odd special project, such as our lawn mower for a local race competition!

Auto Radiator Service – Part Replacement and Fitment

Radiators are under immense heat and pressure. Components are designed to expand and contract with heat, but on occasion, they wear or crack. Pukekohe Batteries and Radiators is equipped with a large inventory of radiator top tanks, hose, and cores. This allows us to provide a radiator service in less than a day for smaller jobs. Our trusted team are more than capable of replacing and connecting new parts to your cooling system.

Pukekohe Radiators understand the need for reliability and peace of mind. Being members of ADRAD’s radiator repair network, we provide the same nationwide guarantee on all our radiator parts and workmanship.

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Commuter and Commercial Radiator Service – Rod Out and Recore

Another common radiator service is needed when debris builds up inside the radiator. A rod-out repair is a perfect solution when rugged conditions take their toll. This is where a rod is used to free up the radiator tubes from sludge and ensure optimal coolant flow.

After our trusted team has performed a thorough inspection of your cooling system, it may be that the radiator core is too worn for reuse. A radiator recore brings an auto radiator up to original condition, re-using functioning parts in combination with a new core. Cores to fit all radiator sizes are available for both modern aluminium radiator core and vintage copper and brass models.

We are also kind to the environment, as damaged radiators get recycled into scrap metal and repurposed.

Thermostatic Radiator Valve and Radiator Part Repair

All radiators have a thermostatic valve. Yes, both vehicles and stationary cooling systems have one! It needs to function for optimum radiator and engine cooling performance. Why? An engine operates within a fixed range of temperatures, maintained through this radiator valve. It controls the flow of coolant throughout the system to reach and maintain this level of heat.

If radiator valves fail, coolant will either flow at maximum or not at all. The result ranges from inefficient operation to a significantly expensive engine rebuild. As such, our experienced technicians advise annual checks of your coolant system.

For a professional radiator service, give the finest radiator repair shop in Pukekohe a call to find out how we can assist with thermostatic valve inspections and part replacement.

Contact us and see what our exemplary radiator support and servicing can do for you!

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