Pukekohe's Experts in Farm Tractor Radiator Repair and Agricultural Cooling Systems

Pukekohe Batteries and Radiators is your locally owned radiator shop. As experts in heavy machinery for industry and commercial businesses, we specialise in tractor radiator repair and servicing. We also have a large inventory of tractor radiators for sale.

We’ve been working with clients needing farm tractor radiator repair for almost a decade. Pukekohe Batteries and Radiators possess the knowledge and skills to service and maintain agricultural cooling systems according to the industry’s best practices. As a testament to our quality of service, Pukekohe Radiators and Batteries have served many satisfied customers since 2008.

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Agricultural Cooling Systems and Tractor Radiator Recore and Repairs

As specialist in agricultural cooling, we have expertise in servicing radiators for all kinds of agricultural equipment, such as tractors and combine harvesters. As you notice overheating or leaks from the coolant system, take it to our experts. We’ll be able to find leaks, corrosion, or damage and provide a range of solutions.

If your radiator is clogged, we can perform a thorough cleaning and overhaul of your radiator. Our radiator service involves a coolant flush; in addition to rodding out accumulated debris and reassembling it with tractor radiator parts for your cooling system. The rebuilt radiator is then pressure tested to check for leaks. We are able to source parts from the ADRAD Radiator Repair Network to suit all tractor radiator types and sizes and fabricate the rest ourselves.

As members of the ADRAD Radiator Repair Network, we have significant stock at almost all tractor radiator specifications from tractor radiator manufacturers. All of our tractor radiator parts and workmanship have a national guarantee for unmatched satisfaction.

Call today to find out why we have many satisfied customers from the agricultural industry that rely on our tractor radiator repair and services to keep on running!

Contact us and see what our exemplary radiator support and servicing can do for you!

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