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A coolant flush is a crucial part of maintenance to keep your coolant circulating through a radiator.

Over time, the effectiveness of coolant decreases – heat isn’t distributed where it needs to go. Additionally, rust may accumulate and cause blockages. Without an annual radiator flush, reduced performance and overheating damage will occur. The coolant flush price is significantly less than that of a rebuilt engine. Therefore, we recommend a regular radiator maintenance programme where, amongst other things, check your coolant levels.

At Auckland’s Pukekohe Batteries and Radiators, our experienced team is well-versed in performing a cooling system flush. Arrange a coolant flush from Pukekohe’s finest radiator shop.

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Radiator Leak Repair and Radiator Hose Replacement

Are you finding coolant where it shouldn’t be? If so, you likely have a radiator leak on your hands. Common causes include a damaged radiator hose, poor fitting of radiator hose clamps or broken connector couplings. These are major contributors to leaks, breakdowns, and engine overheating. When left to deteriorate, the repairs can be a significant expense. Fortunately, regular check-ups and preventative maintenance is an inexpensive and affordable process.

Why Choose Pukekohe Batteries and Radiators?

An expert from Pukekohe Batteries and Radiators is able to quickly find the cause of your radiator leak. With a decade of experience, our specialists will provide honest advice for a cost-effective solution. We are members of the ADRAD national radiator repair network. As such, we have a large inventory with a wide range of radiators, flexible radiator hose, radiator hose clamps and parts to take on any repair and service.

Pukekohe Batteries and Radiators has satisfied thousands of different customers with a range of radiator requirements.

Contact us and see what our exemplary radiator support and servicing can do for you!

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